• What are the benefits of becoming a member?

      The benefits from being a member.

      1. Comfortable spacious lounges to socialise with friends
      2. There are four match quality snooker tables with a snooker league team.
      3. Sky Sports TV in the rear lounge and snooker room
      4. Drinks are competitively priced compared to other bars and clubs

    • Can I join with my significant other?

      Yes , your partner is welcome to join (Over 18)

    • Who are your members?

      Many of our members originate from Horsforth and the local area.

    • Am I allowed to bring a non-member?

      As a member of the club you are more than welcome to bring in 1 or more guests to the club. Each guest must be signed in, for each person you sign in there is a small charge of £1.00 per person.

    • Can I attend a trip before I decide if I want to join?

      Trips are only for members of the club, due to their popularity they are well attended by all members.

    • What is the membership fee to join?

      An annual subscription is payable in January, however because of Covid restrictions the subscription has been extended this year and will be reviewed in March 2021.
      The cost for joining the conservative club is £ "To be confirmed"